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"I'd be a professional student if I could..."

"I'm a lot more function over form... I couldn't design my way out of a paper bag......"

I have been building websites since 2011. I love web development because it is the perfect mix of problem solving, building, and lifelong learning.

Currently VP of Development at The Digital Ring, I split my time between developing websites and developing developers. Prior to joining TDR, I freelanced as a sole proprietor (Finch Professional Services), worked with dozens of clients through platforms like Toptal and Codeable, and completed a brief stint as a web engineer with 10up.

I collect masters degrees (three so far), have traveled to six continents, lived on four, speak Spanish, and outside of work, family, friends, food, coffee, and cooking are my favorite activities. I live in Wisconsin with my wonderful wife and two daughters.

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VP of Development at The Digital Ring

Building custom websites and applications for clients, leading our development team, serving as best I can.


Web Engineer at 10up
(2 mos)

Work with a world-class team of engineers and designers to create scalable, enterprise grade websites on WordPress.


Fullstack WordPress Developer at toptal & Codeable
(no longer taking on clients)

Got accepted to these "freelance guilds", as I call them, working with clients from all over the world, all sorts of tasks and customizations.


Full-Stack Developer at FPS
(no longer taking on clients)

Working with clients and agencies to build great websites and custom features. Mostly with WordPress.

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